New series

March 31, 2010

Fragile Portrait 2009

However great the gap between (realitatem) reality — what is, regardless of what we know — and truth — how we apprehend reality based on our knowledge, whether adequate or not — we generally manage to bridge it.

The systematic confusion between reality as a rational construct and the reality we believe to be “true” not only profoundly marks human behavior and organization, but also influences our individual identities.

© Roberta Vivoli 2009

Through the filter of our perception,we see what

we know to be real .What is unknown or forgotten

ceases to exist.

Fragile Portrait examines the way in which we recollect our forgotten memories by using a variety of means and methods in a poetic and multidisciplinary approach. The project sets out to evoke a reality and a forgotten place with the aid of an object. The photographic sequence illustrates the multilayered reality of a human subject and contrasts it with perceived reality.

© Roberta Vivoli 2009

The subject of the series is an everyday person, not a professional model. He is depicted with an object that comes from his place of origin. Through his reactions, the model infuses the object with his recollection of identity. The model is not given any artistic direction and, as such, participates in the creation of the resulting photo series.

Fragile Portrait was conceived as a remembrance of his origins and identity.

Through the filter of our perceptions, we see what we know to be real. What is unknown or forgotten ceases to exist.

As a project, Fragile Portrait seeks to document human identity and to convey a “shared sense of existence”.

It begs the question: does mankind need yet more chaos and war or should we not strive for something more?

Perhaps, amidst the maelstrom of human life, there is something new to be discovered by looking through the camera with a peaceful eye?

Sotto il filtro del nostro sguardo,risulta reale cio che conosciamo,non appare cio’ che ignoriamo ,e smette di esistere cio’ che dimentichiamo.